01. What if I feel awkward in front of the camera?

One of the most common things I hear from couples is how comfortable they felt with me! I am an expert at guiding people on what to do in front of the camera, but in a very natural and genuine way. I'm so aware of the couples I'm working with and when they need a little extra help! 

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06. When do we receive our image gallery?

04. Do you offer a second photographer?

The most popular coverage option is 8 hours, but I'm here to help your vision come to life! If you only need a couple hours for an elopement, or you want me around for an entire weekend, we can make it happen :) I'm here to help you make a timeline to ensure there's time for all the important shots throughout the day!

03. How many hours of coverage do I need?

I love shooting film when it's something that the couple really appreciates. I am only able to shoot film when I have a second photographer, and I still focus mainly on digital with a couple rolls of film as a fun addition. I love the way film photographs look and feel, and they're full of nostalgia for me.

02. Do you shoot film?

07. How many images do we receive?

05. Do you travel?

Yes, I do! Hiring a second photographer is always an option. It allows us to capture more of the day, more angles, more people, etc. Generally a second photographer isn't necessary for small, intimate weddings & elopements, but it is helpful for larger weddings.

I am available for travel! I mainly photograph weddings in Santa Barbara and Seattle areas, but I'm always down for an adventure :) I have a simple travel fee and I take care of all my own travel plans.

I always send couples a sneak peek within a day or two of the session/wedding :) For portrait sessions, the images are delivered within 3-4 weeks. For weddings, the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

The amount of images depends on the hours of coverage. For weddings, on average I deliver 700+ high quality, edited images via personal online gallery. I hold the rights to the images, but you have the freedom to download, post, and print the images!

08. Where do you get your inspiration?

There's a few photographers that inspire me (John Dolan, Rodney Smith), nature, textures, and old film photographs. I love the movie Pride & Prejudice; it was shot on film and the colors throughout that movie are a huge inspiration.